Scan documents without sorting them beforehand

We do more than just recognize document content. We also automatically classify your incoming mail by document type. We then forward them to downstream applications or mailboxes for additional processing. In addition to scanned paper documents, automatic document assignment also handles incoming e-mails. Different strategies are used to do this:

  • Classification by language - Full-page OCR data detection allows us to detect the language and then assign the document to an employee who speaks Polish or French, for example.
  • Classification by layout - We recognize the scanned documents or documents received by e-mail by their layouts. This makes it possible to automatically verify applications or order forms.
  • Classification by content - Using optical character recognition (OCR) on all pages, we look for key words, such as "contract", "complaint" or "application", identify the document type and send it to the correct application.

Intelligent document classification enables the automated assignment of incoming mail to the downstream workflow. Examples of possible business processes include:

  • Vendor invoice processing
  • Change of address cards
  • Returned mail
  • Application management (case handling)
  • Claims processing